IMG_6019 2You have stumbled onto my blog and I am thrilled that you’re here! My name is Kelsi and the adorable pup featured in the image to the left is my rescue dog, Jackson. I am a 24-year old, graduate student who passionately pursues Jesus, lives in the Appalachian mountains, and has a passion to spread love in our world!

So, what’s my blog about?

It’s a Wonder{FULL} Life is a blog dedicated to promoting kindness, openness, and love.

Over the course of my young life, I have experienced and seen many moments of hatred and negativity. As a counselor-in-training, I have been learning more about the toll that hate takes on a persons’ heart, mind, and soul and how destructive it can be to one’s life. Personally and academically, I have learned that being on the receiving end of such hate can be carried with you throughout your life and can affect your future behavior and relationships. It is my hope that through this blog account, we can start a conversation about how to remain open minded to those who are not like us and how to love those around us. Life is short and we should love while we can.

The name of my blog says, “Wonder{FULL}”, instead of “Wonderful”. I chose to do this because not only do I wish for all of us to live a wonderful life, but for us to live full lives as well.

Let’s all learn how to enjoy even the smallest moments in our lives and to unleash a revolution of love.

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